Our mission at daddyeh is to provide customers with quality web design and online services, tailored appropriately to the needs of each business.  We achieve this by focusing on 3 core values:

Personal and Agile Service:

The internet presents your customers with a rich assortment of options and features.  The internet also presents your business with an equally rich assortment of options and services for you to reach your customers.  With many of these services provided globally and remotely, it is becoming increasingly difficult and frustrating to find the right service to create your online presence, and even more difficult to adapt the solution to your unique needs.  At daddyeh, you will deal with a real person - directly and locally, to help you navigate the overcomplicated world of web service, choices, technical jargon, and relentless changes.  Furthermore, responding to the unique needs of your small business, and adapting to changes as your business grows and transforms, is at the core of the services provided by daddyeh.

Maximized Value:

At the end of the day what relay matters is your return on investment; the value that you get out of the investment you made into your web presence.  A website and social media that best fits the needs of your business, will generate significant returns and remain relevant for a log time, with minimum effort to maintain it.  However, with so many options on the market today, you need to make sure that, the solution you choose to invest in, is the right fit for your needs today, and will adapt to your changing needs in the future.  Daddyeh uses the most appropriate tool for your unique needs.  From highly extendable, industry standard platforms like Joomla!, VirtueMart and WordPress (the two most popular Content Management Systems used to build websites today) to customized code and layout, daddyeh will help you to choose the solution that will accelerate development, future-proofs your investment, and maximizes your return on investment.

High Quality:

Your customers expect to find up-to-date information on your website, and social media sites, quickly and easily.  The page not only needs to contain accurate information, but also needs to look right on the user's device, whether it is a mobile phone or a large screen desktop computer.  Above all, the website must work properly, with all links, menus and forms adapting sleeplessly to the customer's device.  At daddyeh we believe in creating clear, intuitive sites, that work correctly on any device, and we are always available to update the content of your website and social media sites, to ensure that it is informative and accurate.